Exact Software will acquire US based Macola Technologies Inc.
Delft, February 7, 2001

On the day Exact Holding NV ("Exact") announces its results for the financial year 2000, the Dutch based software company also announces that it has signed an agreement to acquire the US based company Macola Technologies Inc.

Macola has a prominent market position in the middle market of ERP solutions, based on and around manufacturing organizations in the United States. With some 250 employees and a revenue of Euro 30 million, Macola sets the foundations for the Exact group to increase its global presence in to the United States. " This acquisition is of strategic importance to the Exact Group. It establishes a solid platform for Exact to launch its e-Synergy products in to the United States", comments Eduard Hagens, CEO of Exact Software.

Exact expects that this acquisition will have a cost neutral effect on the profit for 2001. The acquisition will be funded partly by cash (75%) and the remaining by shares (25%).

Macola Technology Inc. is based in Ohio. The organization focuses its core business activity in the sales, marketing, support and development of accounting, distribution and manufacturing software for medium to large enterprises. The products from Macola are branded under the name "Progression", and are based on standard technology from Microsoft and supported by MS-SQL. The sales strategy of Macola is based around a strong and loyal nationalwide reseller channel across the United States, and by a number of distributors in foreign markets. Macola's client base of about 7,000 costumers has proved to be highly loyal, which results in a stable recurring maintenance revenue.

Information on the acquisition
The acquisition strategy deployed by Exact Holding evolves around two main characteristics. Firstly, and most importantly the evidence of a large loyal user base which can substantiate a considerable market share. Secondly, the organization must be able to deploy and adapt to Exact's e-Synergy solution in terms of technology and platform. Macola has both these characteristics and in addition offers the United States as a home market. The two companies will immediately begin plans for a full integration of "Progression" to e-Synergy, allowing Exact and Macola to offer a unique product offering in the United States, compromising of back-office solutions and a front office suite with CRM, HRM and service management.

Bruce Hollinger, CEO of Macola Technologies: "This merger will allow Macola to expand its competitive product offering with the integration of e-Synergy. Both Macola and Exact are channel focused companies that recognize the value of our Business Partners."

More information about Exact and Macola is available on their respective websites www.exactsoftware.com and www.Macola.com

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Exact Software will acquire US based Macola Technologies Inc.